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Child readers, nurture or nature?

Reading is a habit that must be nurtured at home from an early age in children, preferably before 6 years old. It is in early childhood when the child learns to communicate and talk, where the structure and the ability to learn to read and then to write is acquired. The role of parents is […]

Kobe drawing on the iPad using Adobe ideas. Mixed reviews, he's getting a little frustrated with the controls, sometimes it' pans when it should be drawing, sometimes it doesn't let you draw over something you've already drawn....

5 Things to Keep in Mind on Choosing a Children’s eBook (Part2)

(Part 2) In the first part of this article we explained the first four considerations to weigh out when choosing a children’s eBook, such as: 1) authors and collections, 2) quality of the text and design, 3) characters and setting and 4) subjects, language and genre. The fifth and final consideration is the child’s age. […]


5 Things to Keep in Mind on Choosing a Children’s eBook (Part1)

(Part 1)   In the history of universal literature for children and young adults, there are some very noteworthy books such as Alice in Wonderland, The Adventures of Pinoccio, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Little Prince. These and many more titles are still relevant even after been published more than 100 years ago, […]

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10 Advantages of Using Books Online for Kids

Since 5000 years ago, writing and reading have been essential for human development. Inventions like the printing press have allowed the human mind to reorganize itself and develop critical thinking as well as creativity, allowing greater development of the brain, due to the new investigations and creation processes. By the end of the 20th century, […]