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Besides Amazon and Smashwords, you can also purchase our eBooks in our website. To do so, go to the tab for each book and from there you can easily purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your website a safe site to buy?

All payments are fully encrypted, SSL secure (Secure Sockets Layer), and PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry). And your purchase is totally protected with PayPal. As millions of people around the world, we use PayPal for one simple reason: it’s secure.

What is meaning digital book or eBook?

It is a book, not printed, which is read on an electronic device such as tablets, smartphones, desktop computers or laptops.

What are the minimum requirements to view the eBooks?

You can see an eBook on any device where you can install a reader eBooks program.

Where can I buy the eBooks?

You can buy our eBooks at the bookstore Amazon’s Kindle, here: Amazon’s Kindle Store

You can also purchase our eBooks at Smashwords Books Store, here: Smashwords

Can I only read the eBooks on an Amazon Kindle tablet?

No, in addition to be able to use an Amazon Kindle tablet, you can read eBooks in other tablets that have a Kindle book reader.

Is it possible to read eBooks on an iPad or iPhone?

Yes, our eBooks can be read on an iPad or iPhone; to do so they must have installed the Kindle app, you can download it here:  Kindle for iOS

Is it possible to read eBooks on a tablet or Android smartphone?

Yes, in a tablet or smartphone with Android you can read our eBooks; you must have installed the Kindle app, you can download it here: Kindle for Android

Only eBooks can be read on the Kindle app?

No, in addition to the Kindle format, our eBooks are also available in other formats such as: epub, mobi, html, doc. To be able to buy the eBook in any of these formats, go to Smashwords books store, here: Smashwords

Are all the eBooks in English and Spanish?

Each title has its English version and a version in Spanish, both sold separately.

Your eBooks are interactive or with games?
No, with our eBooks we want to show the kids the importance of understanding a story and follow the plot. Sometimes the animations or games away the child‘s actual experience of reading or listening to a story.

If you have any problems with the download of some title or need assistance,  please e-mail us and with pleasure we provide help so you can enjoy our eBooks.

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